Versa-Shield Versa-Shield
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Sorry...this product is no longer available.

Product Description

Quikfit Tightening System straps mean no lost hardware, easy mounting and quick configuration without tools. High-performance, two-piece windshield design allows the rider to configure the windshield based on weather conditions or driver preference. Allows for three configurations: full windshield for full protection from the elements; upper windshield pressurizes the cab, keeping out dust while allowing air into the cab; lower windshield forces the air up, out of the rider’s face.

  • Constructed of 0.220 in. material
  • Minimizes airflow into occupant’s face in all three configurations
  • Works with nearly all soft and hard tops and all Seizmik accessories
  • Trailerable to 65 mph



  • Has nearly unlimited resistance to weathering and UV
  • 92% light transmission
  • More abrasion-resistant than polycarbonate
  • Can be polished/buffed
  • Shatter resistance is up to 24x that of laminated glass
  • Very stable in temperatures up to 200°



  • Incredible shatter resistance: 200x more than glass
  • Very soft and flexible, so it scratches easier than acrylic
  • 88% light transmission
  • Very stable in temperatures up to 260°


Hard-coated Polycarbonate

  • Hard coating on both front and back of windshield
  • All the benefits of regular polycarbonate, but the hard coating makes it incredibly scratch-resistant
  • 90% light transmission
  • Commonly used in race car windshields
  • Very stable in temperatures up to 260°
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